Saturday, November 27, 2010

justify my love

These are one of my favorites posts I had in as you can see by far , I really loove playing with photos, adding texts related to the pose/pic/mood and just play with it. my camera is on the stand and I shoot myself so, strike the pose..:))

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


For me, as for many others, I lllove sex and the city. The  contents , the cast, the set, the clothing, the characters, NEW YORK, the accessories,hair style, the girlish fetish,the identification, the fun, the loose, her job... ahahahahhh-everything about it!  
the style of Carrie is so inspiring for me and have a great statement comes with it. street style, classic, trendy, Mixing  prints , eclectic, vintage-its all about that and I simply adore.sometimes you just look at her and wish for your self the courage of going out like that and so for the safety of honesty I admit that It stays in terms of "wishing"..

loving this..


Sunday, November 21, 2010


TeenVOGUE Wardrobe Remix had challenged a contest for "TeenVOGUE Wardrobe Remix"!!
Time to get creative juices flowing! Ultra chic fashion mag TeenVOGUE wanted to see remix of wardrobe. chic, savvy and creative enough to style the three ways.
short looks explanation from left-
1st look -casual outfit, jeans and top

2nd look-Mango black high weist pants black shoes with net sockes, addd the black hat for jazz vibe:)

3rd look- inspired from the 80’s..white pearls on my hand,pull my hair up with net-hatand wear All-Star shoes.the black dress is from H&M and im usually wearing it clean, though i guess layers could make a change.

4th look-an everyday look, flat shoes and purple shiny pants with gold necklaces..


A great Saturday with my sisters in the field of our village. great weather and high energy are the best things for a nice walk..ho, and of course..for some shoots.:))))


whats more inspiring than watching our style icons street chic, wearing the accessories we use and adore??Millinery, straw, knit, floppy, buttons, beret, fur, winter, summer haaaaa.......
hear's a tastes of my love ones:)) HATS!!