Thursday, March 10, 2011


I say- Wauuu!!! so- to -adore this lady, she's totally one of my favorite style icons and inspiration!!!!!!!let me share with you this beauty collectively!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Moxsie’s Sweetest Summer Style!

I guess sharing my winning in Chictopia contest is nesseserry here, dont you?..OK it was a while ago but for me its something I'll never forget. and yet again, all because of Gaga inspiration.
here are some print Scrn pics from winners noutification, lets copy the great words:

Meet the ladies with Moxsie’s Sweetest Summer Style!
Many of you entered and so many of you were chic. You made us want to revamp our Summer closets and update our style with a few pieces like yours. But there can only be three winners and here they are!

First Place Friend_In_Fashion, $250 gift card to
It’s no big secret that khakis are making a come back and she’s got this style staple down to a science. Paired with a simple tank and nautical inspired shoes, her outfit is ready for a day out on the boat or a picnic in the park. These 8020 Open Toe Cork Wedges fit perfectly with her outfit!

Second Place miaamos, $150 gift card to
She’s channeling rock’n’roll and just the right touch of badass. If she’s into graphic tees, she might like this Dolce Vita Raine Taupe Cropped Tank

Third Place chichichicjb, $50 gift card to
Safari meets country club with a bold giraffe print paired with a turquoise necklace and white skirt. We’d say she’s just stepped out of a catalog. These “Sikara Vermeill Swirly Earrings” are an edgy substitute for her hoops!

                         Congratulations to all of our winners!                    

 and all i can say is..Eh,Eh,Nothing Else I cAN sAY..GaGa!!!


GaGa me.lets get wild!

"When you do something great, and somebody says 'I like that', you should look at them and say, 'Thank you I worked very hard on this and it's really great', because it the only way to get that sharable sense of value in your life; that "Fame" that has nothing to do with cameras and being a celebrity. I couldn't give a damn about celebrities, but truthfully if you don't honor your own work, you're nothing. So honor your own work and anything that you do...".

Lady Gaga.


Amor 3

hey loves, here's another set I shoot for Amor.
I found the lace top very interesting with the vintage leather black skirt, which by the way belong to my mom from the 80's (well not any moreeee!!).
hope you like my styling..well, pls DO let me know, ha?? enjoy:)))


Monday, March 7, 2011

tipteapot.Vintage inspiration.

Its always nice to find inspiration in our daily and as for me , blogs are totally Inspirational. as you notice i have my favorites sites that i follow regularly,and this post been inspired by  one of my favorite blog - .lots of vintage , interesting colors and open minded Regarding fashion. 
as Coco Chanel says," Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.
this photos been taken from my friend house, which I found very interested.