Thursday, September 17, 2015

TOMMY JOHN / The Importance of Comfortable Underwear

As a woman I admit that I do like to invest in lingerie.  Comfortable lingerie can really make you feel better in your clothes, and people will notice your confidence even if they can't see your lingerie.

The same thing goes for men, too.  Why should women be the only ones with comfortable underwear?  Men have lots of choices beyond boxer shorts and briefs, and women love a confident man. What woman wouldn't love to see a man in some snug, properly fitting underwear?

I recently discovered Tommy John, and really like their luxury men's underwear.  They have the traditional styles, but also include something new called a Trunk, that is similar to a boxer brief, but shorter, and looks really cute!  Tommy John strives to provide men with clothing that allows them to be their most comfortable, so men can be more focused on their dates, and not their underwear problems (yes, guys have issues with their underwear too).

So ladies, if your guys haven't discovered Tommy John yet, maybe this is a good time to introduce them.  You will both enjoy them!

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